Automated Layouts in Loop Networks

Libraries offer the user many advantages, one of which is their ability to automatically draw networks and diagrams. An automated layout enables clear software process in presentation: flow charts, UML diagrams, organization charts, genealogies, business process diagrams, etc.

The layout algorithm in process generates sequences that cannot be reasonably predicted better in the many software network layouts that are supported.

Social Network Analysis

In social network analysis, the algorithmic analysis of social relationships is used to gain insight into the structure of a social network.
The software provides support for such analysis and enable automatic clustering, for example.

Workings of Large Graphs

Creating, editing, and visualizing large graphs with hundreds and thousands of elements is one of the strengths of our software. The following images prove that our software can handle these diagrams and networks easily.

Nested Graph Hierarchies

The libraries support the notion of "nested graphs," i.e., the nodes of a graph may contain graphs themselves, which can be laid out like any other graph.

Multi-circular Interacting Spa-type Clusters

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